What Our Staff Are Saying

I moved from France one year ago looking for a job where I could meet friendly people and improve my English. I was so lucky to find Mattias, his wife Lindsay and all the wonderful team! It’s like a big family for me, everyone is here to help each other. I enjoy cleaning different homes throughout the day and meeting with our clients. It’s very rewarding to see them so happy after we’ve cleaned their home!!


I’ve been with Balance Home Cleaning for several years and really enjoy being part of the team. It’s a great working environment and everyone is very positive and happy. Mattias & Lindsay really care for their staff & clients. I appreciate all the little things they do, such as bringing us coffee and treats or surprising clients with flowers. It’s nice to work for a company that does such as good job of listening to staff. Everyone takes pride in their work and is proud to represent our company.”


I miss my days working at Balance Home Cleaning. I made lifelong friends with the women I worked with as well as my employer and his family. Outside of work we would come together as friends and have fun. We went whale watching, kayaking, bowling and to the Butchard Gardens for high tea, Christmas caroling and skating. Mattias was an amazing and understanding boss who inspired me to achieve my highest potential. He always said thank you at the end of the day. It was a pleasure to be part of the Balance team, working together in order to wow our customers. Thank you again Mattias and Lindsay.


I really enjoy working for Balance Home Cleaning! Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other – it feels like a big family. We often get together outside of work to volunteer or do fun activities. In addition to our amazing team, I also really enjoy the relationships we’ve built with our clients. It feels great knowing that we are making a difference and are truly appreciated for our hard work.


I am part of the BHC Alumni, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying it felt like I was a part of a family. I liked sharing my time with a team as dedicated and fun loving as this, and it felt good to know the clients would come home to a worry-free environment that we helped make happen. Mattias and Lindsay never failed to reassure that each one of us was appreciated. They regularly offer “Treat Fridays”, and organize fun workshops that gives staff a chance to interact outside of work. If you’re looking to join a team that’s making a positive impact in the community, look no further and drop a line with Balance Home Cleaning.


I had the exceptional pleasure and honour to work for Mattias and his team at Balance Home Cleaning for about a year.  I was nervous about returning to the workforce after an extended medical leave but working for Mattias and Balance Home Cleaning never felt like a job.  It felt like being part of a family!

Mattias shows great care, patience and compassion for his employees, welcoming them with a friendly, supportive environment and a genuine concern for their happiness and well-being.  Throughout my time with Balance Home Cleaning, Mattias always made sure I had the proper training needed to complete my duties to the company standards, and if I needed support or had any questions, he was always available and happy to assist.

He treats his employees like gold, praising them for jobs well done, and was incredibly flexible if anyone needed to change their availability due to sickness or child care.

When it comes down to it, he is a loyal and caring employer, and when changes in my life led me to end my time with Mattias and the other girls, I was very sad as it felt like I was leaving family instead of just another job.

If you work hard for him, he will work hard for you.